Инструкция к навигатору texet тn-501

инструкция к навигатору texet тn-501
Once downloaded, you can navigate to POIs in the new sets in the usual way, or opt to display them on your maps using ‘Show POI’ and ‘Manage POI’. Download voice Your TomTom system comes with a number of voices that guide you during navigation. Set units You can change your preferred units of measurement at any time with the preference ‘Set units’ . Three questions are then displayed, one a time, for distances, times and longitude/latitude. Хорошего слова заслуживает меню, в котором для каждой функции навигатора предусмотрена отдельная иконка.

Note that the exact menu options shown here will change depending on whether the current itinerary entry is a waypoint or destination, and on whether it has been visited already. System-Generated Discrepancies System-generated discrepancies are those discrepancies that are automatically created by RDC Onsite. Choose ‘Recent destination’ to add a favourite from a list of addresses, Points Of Interest and other destinations that you’ve used before.

Your action may be to resolve the discrepancy or to route the discrepancy to another user for resolution. Tap on ‘Number’ to make a hands-free call. Resolving Discrepancies As you use the Data Entry window and its Navigator pane to review discrepancies, you may find discrepancies that you can resolve. To resolve a discrepancy: Click a CRF icon to open it in the Data Entry window.

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