Vitess vs 528 инструкция

vitess vs 528 инструкция
Compared to the TR6060, the Magnum boasts larger input and output shafts, fortified gears, a stronger case, double- and triple-cone synchronizers, beefier shift forks, shorter throws, an improved heat treatment process, and an astounding 700 lb-ft torque capacity. This required cutting a small section of metal out of the inner fender in order to clear the bottom of the master cylinder. Reilly Motorsports is a company that needs little introduction. RMS single-handedly jumpstarted the Chrysler aftermarket suspension industry by developing a full line of handling parts for Mopars. They then marked a line where the posterboard intersected the floorboard.

This time around, Bill and the RMS crew plans on building a leaner and meaner A-body—the one you see here—and a six-speed swap is an essential part of that formula. “The green Dart is a lot of fun, but with the 528ci Hemi it weighs 3,900 pounds. The upper hose attaches to the master cylinder, while the lower port is used for bleeding.20. Since the factory undercoating had to be removed prior to welding, RMS sprayed the exposed sheemetal with some rust inhibitor. The car that started it all was Bill Reilly’s personal project, a green ’69 Dart we featured not too long ago. The RMS crew decided to build it in two sections. To form the front section, they wrapped a piece of posterboard around the trans case, leaving approximately one inch of clearance beneath it.

The pin’s positioning also interferes with where the new hydraulic linkage must mount. They provide the easiest, simplest way to get from point A to point B without drama—and that’s kind of the whole idea. No drama. They can keep work moving forward instead of stalling or letting the frustration build.” As we found out here, American Powertrain sells complete 5- and 6-speed TREMEC kits with everything you’ll need included.

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