Инструкция winch 9000 lb

инструкция winch 9000 lb
The general rule is to select a winch with a capacity rating of at least 3/4th the combined weight of your boat, motor, fuel and gear. Look at how many hours of saltwater exposure the winch is rated to survive. Larger models have a lower gear ratio to multiply your strength even more and two speeds for extra power. THE RIGHT WINCH: You should always err on the side of caution and get a slightly stronger winch than what your calculations specify. Keep wiring harnesses away from exhaust systems or moving parts like the vehicle’s suspension that could damage the wiring. The Powerwinch RC30 is rated to move a boat of about five tons.

Now the winch is not meant to support your load during transport, so you will need to make sure and secure it down. It features an emergency crank handle should you lose power. Now let’s re-engage our clutch, come up to our toggle switch, direct it towards the load, and we can start winching. Large boats add a safety chain to the bow eye.

However, since the difference in price between winch sizes is pretty minimal, you can choose a bigger winch for nearly the same cost. We also recommend Glyde Sliks, EZ Slides or similar anti-friction pads on your trailer’s bunks, which help your boat slide. Smaller manual winches designed for lighter boats use polypropylene rope or nylon straps (the same material as used in the seatbelts in your car). Wiring an electric winch Electric winches draw substantial current when retrieving boats. Fulton re-engineered trailer winches with their unique and innovative F2 manual winch.

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