Инструкция tiger 210 ac dc

инструкция tiger 210 ac dc
There are many causes for a no travel issue on an electric powered vehicle. With some practice, this can lead to beautiful results.Another adjustment is the “balance” of the AC waveform. The accompanying photo shows this clearly.You can also dial-in the diameter of your tungsten electrode to optimize arc starts, and manually set the duration of argon post-flow.

What tools do I need to troubleshoot my electronic control system? Check your vehicle’s specs to confirm the grade you are travelling on does not exceed the maximum grade rating. How can I change the speed of my vehicle? The chief advantage is that you can make a good, full-penetration weld while lowering the total heat put into the metal, and this can result in less burn-through and distortion. If you do much work with sheetmetal, these benefits can be dramatic.

When the process control is in the DC Stick position, you can adjust the “DIG” settings (controlling low-voltage properties) from 0 to 100 percent, and there are Pro-Set values for the common 6010 and 7018 electrodes. Technical support for your Tiger tractor will now be supplied through Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing and the dealer network. For technical support please contact your local Taylor-Dunn dealer or Taylor-Dunn direct via e-mail at Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing 2114 W. Ball RdAnaheim, CA 92804(800) Note: To expedite response time, always include the model and serial number of the vehicle when submitting inquiries.

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