Бро 4 gsm инструкция pdf

бро 4 gsm инструкция pdf
The supporting links may be external sources not specifically related to, or endorsed by, NASA earth science research. The value of K490 represents the rate at which light intensity at 490 nm is attenuated with depth. Это зона, в которой извещатель выдает сигнал о тревоге (о проникновении) при перемещении стандартной цели (человека) на постоянном расстоянии от извещателя.

Snowfall rateSnowfall Rate is a measure of the intensity of snowfall. It is measured by calculating how much snow falls to the earth surface per unit area per unit of time. The volume mixing ratio is the ratio of the number density of the gas to the total number density of the atmosphere (density is the number of molecules per unit volume. Euphotic depth The euphotic depth is the depth at which light intensity falls to 1% of the value at the surface of a body of water. It refers to the «lighted zone» of the water column in which photosynthesis can take place.

The NASA Ocean Biogeochemical Model (NOBM) provides coccolithophore concentration as a model output product; it is not based directly on remote-sensing observations. The MLS Ozone Profile is expressed in ppmv. Back to Table of Contents This appendix provides short descriptions, and supporting links (when available) for data parameters in Giovanni-3 instances.

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