Радиокнопка acs 101 инструкция

радиокнопка acs 101 инструкция
Textarea Dynamic Field Configuration Textarea dynamic field is used to store a multiple line string. Only the display values are translated, internal values are not affected, the translation of the values needs to be manually added to the language files. Click on OK to save the new rule. Now with dynamic fields the limitation in the number of fields per ticket or article is removed, you can create as many dynamic fields you like either for ticket or articles. You can use Keyboard Setup to modify the function defined for each key on the keyboard, except some reserved keys.

Note:Select Spain from the Language menu during keyboard setup if you want Catalan support. You can change the default key assignments to the following default function tables, by selecting Keyboard Setup from the Assist menu. Define the number of years in the past from the current day to display in the year selection for this dined in edit screens. These fields are not fixed in the system and they can appear only in specific screens, they can be mandatory or not, and their representation in the screens depends on the field type defined at their creation time according to the data to be held by the field.

For the following examples all the dynamic fields will be created for the Ticket object if you need to create a dynamic field for Article object, just choose the field from the Article dropdown list. This is the value to be show by default on the edit screens (like New Phone Ticket or Ticket Compose), the default value for this field is closed selection defined by the Possible values. Setting the 5250 Keyboard Layout Default To make the 5250 keyboard layout defaults available, do the following: Select Preferences -> Keyboard from the Edit menu. This means that the variety of dynamic fields can be easily extended by public OTRS modules, OTRS Feature Add-ons, OTRS custom developments, and other custom developments.

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