Инструкция к lg dv-654x

Here are some hints for different situations:Video Input and Output devices: You need to know how your hardware device will line up your pixels in memory with the real video signal coming in or going out. Picture aspect ratio is not the same as pixel aspect ratio, which we will discuss later. The various industry specs that define the standard definition (480i, 576i) electrical standards all point back to ITU-R BT.601-4 (commonly known as «Rec. 601») for some basic parameters.

Typically, we’ll have buffers in memory that either contain one field or one frame. For example, you’d expect to find a ratio saying that H microseconds of horizontal «distance» scanning across the monitor must be the same length as exactly V video lines of vertical «distance» on the monitor. How Big is the Picture? An important question for us software folks is obviously: which lines are picture lines and which are not?
Obviously, this is not a very precise process. You may have to contact the manufacturer to find this out. The prize is your name in lights on the top of this page. Please download the DEL Ozone product brochures and installations manuals you need below.

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