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You must be able to trace the path that the electricity will take, FROM the wall outlet backTO the wall outlet. Алматы, Ауэзовский район Сегодня 15:07 13 000 тг. When two components are in series, they «share» the full voltage.

They all test OK. So you think you’ve traced the problem to your timer. See the example in section 6-1 and figure 6-C. If the timer is not advancing in all cycles, well, that’s pretty obvious. Also touch the test leads between each motor lead and the motor cage, or frame. Most modern washing machines have a cancel button that you press for a few seconds and the washing machine will abort. For now, let’s ignore them. (The timer is the last thing you should check; see section 6-3(b). Since a burnt out bimetal element is the most likely cause of this symptom, first test the bimetal for continuity. If you have good continuity, something else in the circuit must be defective. Repeat the process with the test leads between the W-V and the O-BK terminals.

For example, let’s say your timer is not advancing during any cycle. This includes not only the component that you suspect, but all switches leading to it, and sometimes other components, too. In Figure 6-B, which shows a typical electric dishwasher, L1, L2, are the main power leads; they go directly to your wall plug. Testing switch blocks is much like testing timers.

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