Dc power supply hy3003 инструкция

dc power supply hy3003 инструкция
There’s no sense input which would be nice if you need long cables (or want to use the poorly built cables that come with the thing). There’s also no way to read the current on the dedicated 5V supply without an external meter. They look amazing for the price, and while I didn’t expect it to measure up to some of the pro supplies I have, I just wanted something to stick under my desk instead of having to move things to the bench or–worse–drag a heavy power supply over to my desk. Lesson: disconnect the load before you turn the unit off! The SONAR modules are cheap, so some mortality on them isn’t that surprising. I recently picked up an Arksen dual power supply. These schematic apply for various models too, with different output currents, and digital or analog instruments.

You’ve seen these before, I’m sure, under a variety of names in places ranging from electronics stores to eBay. The output spikes on power off are almost deal breakers. If you had an expensive prototype connected to it and the AC power died, that could be a real problem. It would be possible to modify the power supply, of course. All products ordered from Mastech Power Supply website come with full one year warranty, as well as unlimited technical support.For new products and more updated product information, please check our new website at. You can see the output voltage is around 12V, but look at those spikes (to the left)! There are several bursts of them before the supply shuts down nicely. Still, that seems like a lot of work. If you scour the surplus market there are some excellent major-brand power supplies (like Lambda, Power Designs, or HP) that are available for about this price, especially if you can reduce your current handling expectations.

With the output capacitors discharged (that is, I touched the leads together), turning the unit on wasn’t too bad. At a 12V output setting, you can see on the right, there’s a little bit of noise starting up. Computer power supply, dc power supply, atx , switching, high voltage, uninterruptible power supply, laptop and other service manual and repair information. The effect occurs even with a small load (an LED) connected. Of course, I wouldn’t turn a supply on while it was hooked up to a circuit anyway.

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