Инструкция zh lt

инструкция zh lt
Input lines can be commented out by putting any other character in the first column ( ‘ or # or a space, for examples). Multiline data sections can be skipped by commenting out the keyword line only. Back to Commands EI — transient sources to be used EI: N N N Use transient sources listed by N. ei: 1 2 3 Back to Commands EM — end of model section EM: End of model input section (no arguments).See MO: option for details. Output files comprise text files suitable for plotting with GMT (Wessel and Smith, 1991). A plotting package called td_plot is provided. Savage, J. C., W. Gan, and J. L. Svarc (2001). Strain accumlation and rotation in the Eastern California Shear Zone, Journal of Geophysical Research, 106, 21995-22071. Segall, P., (2010). Earthquake and Volcano Deformation, Princeton University Press. For angular data, the r/s is determined using the equation of DeMets et al. (1990). Penalties are used to keep parameters within specified bounds and to apply smoothing of slip distributions. * @brief Returns an array with all values lowercased or uppercased.

Pseudo-faults are used to close block polygons when making blocks from faults (+mkb flag). They have only surface nodes (number of depths = 1). Such boundaries have free-slip. Wang, K., Wells, R., Mazzotti, S., Hyndman, R. D., & Sagiya, T. (2003). A revised dislocation model of interseismic deformation of the Cascadia subduction zone, J. Geophys. First 3 digits are fault number, next 3 are the along strike (X) node index, the next 3 are the downdip (Z) node index, the final letter is the data type; g — GPS, i — InSAR, t — Tilts, s — strain rates. Some Examples: All nodes have independent phi values and are all free parameters. # set fault 2 to type 0 (free nodes) FT: 2 0 # fault 2 has 6 nodes along strike, 3 downdip.

While iterating, press ‘q’ to stop or ‘s’ to go to the next step in the IC: list. The program converts all longitudes to 0 to 360 unless the -pos flag is set in which case the -180 to +180 range is used. This function will even strip the text from STYLE and SCRIPT tags, which are ignored by PHP functions such as strip_tags (they strip only the tags, leaving the text in the middle intact). ‘@@’, // Strip multi-line comments including CDATA. Multiple models in one line: In the example above, choosing ‘mod3’ will reult in tdefnode using the commands listed under both MO: lines that contain mod3. The commands will be processed in order, with the later ones overwriting earlier.

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