Citizen at8020 инструкция

citizen at8020 инструкция
Featured in a stainless steel case with a blue polyurethane coated leather strap, this timepiece additionaly features a 1/20-second chronograph that measures up to 60 minutes, 12/24-hour time, a power reserve indicator, a pilot’s rotating slide rule dial ring and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Энергии вырабатывается в достаточном количестве, благодаря тому, что была усовершенствована подзарядная система. Automatic time in 26 world cities; radio-controlled accuracy in 5 zones. 1/20 second chrono measures up to 60 minutes, perpetual calendar, 12/24 hour time, power reserve, non-reflective sapphire crystal. This Chronograph A-T keeps accurate time by syncing with the world’s atomic clocks. It receives radio signals once a day from one of these clocks and can adjust to the time zones of 26 international cities. It also has a perpetual calendar. The 2017 World Championships is a pivotal event in the figure skating calendar, as it will largely determine the number of entries for each country at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Pull the crown out one stop, rotate to select your new timezone, push it back in and the hands move. Identify your calibre number to search for the appropriate user manual. The strap is also perforated to allow for air circulation. It is 23mm wide and 8 inches long, and it fastens with a silver-tone buckle.

The day of the month is displayed on the face of the watch at the 3 o’clock position. Any light, natural or artificial, charges the solar cell, which then provides power to the watch’s motors. Citizen proudly says that the packaging is made from recycled materials — a good thing. Smart gets real Perfect blend of classic and modern design View all watch lineups Better Starts Now is the simple belief that it is always possible to make something better, and that now is the time to start doing it.

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