Инструкция wincong sl-02a

инструкция wincong sl-02a
Elite Power Solutions – Even though we are disappointed in how our cells from Elite have aged, we are overall happy with the support we have received from the Elite Power Solutions team. Balqon is the US distribute for Winston cells, recognizable by their bright yellow plastic casing. Victron, MasterVolt, and GenaSun ($6,399 for 360Ah) all still offer integrated systems that are the exact opposite of do-it-yourself systems. High Current Happiness – Due to a phenomenon known as Peukert’s Law, lead batteries drain at an accelerated rate when powering high current loads (like microwaves and air conditioners and induction cooktops) – sacrificing as much as 40% of their capacity in the process. The Rainbow of Other Cell Options We know of other RVers currently using GBS cells from Elite, and Winston cells from Balqon – with overall good results. People often tell us that they are even holding off on replacing their own aging lead batteries – waiting to hear from us that lithium is at last ready for the mainstream. (No pressure… *grin*) After 3.5 years of use, has lithium lived up to all the promises?

Hopefully by the time we are ready for our next upgrade, lithium prices will have continued their downward trend, and perhaps even more will be known about optimizing real life usage. Such as you may need batteries ,LEDs, Tooling plastic box.We are professional,we don’t say we are big company,we don’t want be big,the biggest solar panel in China are already down.About what we OEM or ODM please read the following below. But this is only a suitable course if you want to get very intimate with your RV’s electrical system, and are comfortable dealing with any potential issues that arise on your own without relying on anyone else for a warranty or support. But from our own observations – even without the active balancing our cells have stayed remarkably well balanced over time. Just how to best charge and float lithium batteries to maximize battery life remains a widely debated topic (this thread on Cruiser’s Forum currently has 4,246 posts!) – with recommendations varying widely.

But still – perhaps this sub-optimal vintage design has had an impact on battery life, or has made it easier for a dud cell to hide out. When our 500AH batteries were a year old (August 2012), I was able to drain 442Ah from them before having the EMS trigger a low-battery alarm cutoff. This is the nature of technology – things just keep getting better.

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