Johnsens carb cleaner инструкция

johnsens carb cleaner инструкция
Screw the carburetor’s bottom float bowl pan back together and reinstall the carburetor onto the motor’s intake manifold. Getting it wrong is not something you really want to do! 🙁 The user speed control (if any) pulls on a spring which is attached to the 2nd hole from the top on the governor lever. Carburetor removal Drain the fuel, close the shutoff valve if any, or remove the gas tank. On the common Craftsman mowers, the tank either slips off or is fastened with a couple of screws. Recently while talking to a couple of duck hunters who experienced a OMC 15 hp THAT REFUSED TO START in freezing weather. Leading from the power source under the stator / flywheel will be 2 sheathed cables. One thing to note is the slow idle speed jet is no longer at the front of the carburetor but located at the starboard rear.

The outlet or rear throat dia. is the same on both to match the manifold port dia. Now connect the choke’s electrical leads to a 12v power source. The throttle cable may need to be adjusted so that the knob can do the final adjustment. In the photo below on the left, you will see a red arrow. At this juncture the cable threads into the ball coupler to the timing plate arm. Prop Spins While out of Gear Using Flushing Muffs : When the engine is running in neutral using muffs, not in the water, the driveshaft will be spinning internally in the gearcase. Champion plugs get hotter as the number increases.

You have checked and cleaned the tell tale hole and there still is not water showing, then in all probability the impeller is aged, worn or damaged. The hole in the bowl bolt is the main metering orifice and it is critical to the proper operation of the carburetor. The repair kits are not even listed as a kit that fits the same basic fuel pump before 1982. You however can use the new kits in the older pumps if you are careful and replace the new parts just as the older parts came out. The following procedures are specifically for the common non-adjustable carburetors used on the vast majority of Craftsman mowers manufactured in the last 10 years. You will notice 4 splines on this pulley hub that mate with the internal splines of the pinion which do the actual raising/engaging of the pinion. This lever, when moved forward, allows you to raise the motor, lock it in the up/out of the water position.

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